Facebook Video Live for Autism Awareness (WAAD2016) – Waiving Canada Flag In A Snow Storm

I just had to blog about this. Imagine a 6-year year old child who is just so passionate about the Canadian flag that everyday sun, rain or snow storm (in this case), he just wants to wave it outside and sing the national anthem. 

Since Its WAAD2016 (Autism Awareness Month) I figured I would make a video of it and test out Facebook’s Live Video which just rolled out a new update just a couple of hours ago. I wasn’t to impressed with Periscope, which is the Live Video app from Twitter, so I figured I would give Facebook Live Video a shot.

First off it was so easy to just let my son Storm-Alexander (yes Storm as in snow storm) go outside and wave his flag and decide within 2 minutes on using the app without any training what’s so ever.

As someone who shoots videos in 4k and usually has a crew and all the professional gear to work with, I thought this was east as cake. Mike Zuckerberg is upping his game with this updated application on Facebook feed.

WAAD2016 for those of you who don’t know anything about it, is simply bringing awareness to Autism which is also known as ASD which stands for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Spectrum because there are many different variations to it. I wont go into great details in this post as it was just to bring awareness to it and share my son’s love and passion about the peace tower and Canada’s Flag and National Anthem.

Do you know someone who is on the spectrum? If so how are you contributing to helping them grow and express their special gifts and/or passion?



[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_20-_s8TVAM&width=480&height=389&vq=hd720&listType=playlist&list=PLFqQBI7kzOtmqkmrzDVWyBmjXITAITpGf&plindex=0&layout=gallery&gallery_style=grid&gallery_pagesize=2&gallery_columns=2[/embedyt]