April 2016 Newsletter

Greetings friends,

Wow! What a month! First off I’d like to say how much we love our clients and give a big thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to read my Newsletters each month! I’m a bit late on this month’s Newsletter, but rest assured it’s finally here! There are so many new things brewing up that I wanted to make certain you received as much valuable information as I can offer. Plus, with it being spring-cleaning season I thought I’d spice things up and bring you something totally new, fresh, and clean!

What’s new?

Are you kidding? EVERYTHING! For example, have you checked out our new website? That’s right, it’s up and running and here it is: (Its Alive image) **insert html link for website – linked to words “new website” or linked to the “image”!

Here are 21 Major Highlight of the New Website:

  1. A WORLD CLASS eLearning platform for coaching members.
  2. A completely REDESIGNED, mobile ready, look and feel.
  3. A FREE video section.
  4. A list of NEW, upcoming events with Eventbrite integration; just to make it even simpler for you to buy tickets to my upcoming events. Don’t forget to share with your friends!
  5. A FREE tools for your mind section in the post/blog section.
  6. A NEW video release section to keep your posted on the latest online courses.
  7. A SOCIAL MEDIA LOGIN. No more worrying about having to find your password or having to enter all your information every time. Simply login using your FB, Twitter, G+, Pinterest or other social login credentials. This completely new and secure login will make it faster and easier for you to have access to your profile, courses and other products.
  8. A completely REDESIGNED, visually stunning, and easy to use profile area.
  9. Your own personal wall where you can SHARE your favourite website areas with your friends…
  10. The ability to learn with others by JOINING GROUPS and SHARING trough the easy access of your inbox.
  11. Downloadable files such as PDFS and EBOOKS for your courses.
  12. A coaching platform that allows for coaching assignment completion
  13. Featured products on sale
  14. The ability to view your courses on various mobile and tablet formats (Ex: Ipad, Iphone, Android, Samsung tablet, etc.)
  15. A PROGRESS BAR for your current and future courses.
  16. On the right sidebar you’ll be able to see recommended follow up courses or similar courses that would be PERFECT FOR YOU.
  17. The ability to see who else is online, is following your program, or has bought products like you!
  18. A list of subscription based COURSES. Now you no longer have to worry about spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars, or having to wait weeks to buy the course you want to take. Simply subscribe to it via our MONTHLY PLANS and start learning and practicing IMMEDIATELY with other like-minded individuals.
  19. An expanded member’s section with SECRET CONTENT only available and visible to your specific membership level. How lucky are you?
  20. More content on our SOCIAL MEDIA. That’s right! We just hired one of the TOP GURUS to help us pick out excellent content just FOR YOU on your new membership area.
  21. Last, but not least, a LIVE CHAT capability for what’s coming next (As a magician, I can’t reveal all of my new tricks now can I?)

Upcoming Events

Conversation with Spirits

Join me as I bring you an evening of entertainment as well as the possibility of communicating with a passed loved one on the other side. For the first time ever I will also be showing you how you can contact your own spirit guide and explain how the mind works when contacting the other side.  

Technique of the month

The Art Of Selling Yourself

The first thing you need to know about selling yourself is that you must recognize that you are not an object and that, no matter in which profession you work, you need to separate your identity from your behaviour or in this case what you call your service or product. You are a human being and as thus you cannot be sold, nor put yourself for sale. I often meet people and ask them what work they do for a living and then they start their ‘elevator pitch’ and I start telling them I simply wanted to know what you do before knowing who you are. What’s the difference you may ask? One huge difference is that The Donald, which relates his brand to him, is not a product. What he sells is the illusion of success! Buy my ties and you will project success or you will feel successful. Associate yourself to me and you will be successful. The reason this is crucial is that one of the main problems people have about “selling themselves” is the fear of rejection.

Things I have learned from The Don (AKA The Godfather)

Ok! I didn’t really learn it from him but I am sure that you’ve either heard the saying or seen the classic epic movie. I actually learned it quite young in modelling school when my teacher Cindy told me: “Just remember that if they don’t take you it has nothing to do with you. They are looking for someone that fits what they need and you either happen to have the look they are looking for or you don’t. Its not personal”. I realized early on that my self and the product are two different things. I may project my brand as my looks but whether I was or wasn’t chosen for a shoot, it was simply fun and games and I never felt, even to this day, rejected.

Why do you avoid rejection?

Probably the same reason you would avoid a bullet in the leg. It hurts. If it does not hurt then you’ve probably found a way, like I have, to cope with it and to move on. Or you simply have so much pain that you no longer care. Then, unfortunately, you might end up like the “Wolf of Wall Street”, Jordan Belford, and start hurting others like he used to.

Why does it hurt when someone says no?

It hurts because you may start to perceive yourself as flawed, not good enough, ashamed, guilty, and in some cases you may begin to think that you don’t deserve it or are unworthy. Notice I said that you may start to perceive, and not they made you feel – as if you are flawed, etc. Only you can tell yourself those things, and only you can allow yourself to be reminded of those feelings (I will talk about that later in my posts).

Top 7 Ways To ‘Sell Yourself’ #1. You must change your mindset and other people’s mindset about the words: selling and buying

I spent the first couple of paragraphs selling you on the idea that ‘selling yourself’ is easy, as well as reframing the way you thought about the subject – probably without you being fully conscious about it. This is because I used simple vocabulary, which avoids conflicting deep-rooted conviction, in a tone, which was pleasant and educational. I started gaining rapport with you by giving you some of my experience and a picture of a movie with a quote you surely heard, and probably associated to before at one time in your life. In fact, by this point in the newsletter I may also sound like Clarice from Silence of the Lamb interviewing Hannibal Lecter. Recently, during one of my last training sessions, I took about ten minutes to explain this principle to a student who later messaged me on Facebook saying:

Your insight with regards to how I’m selling ‘feelings’ in Arbonne has completely changed my perspective. After our workshop, in two days I made $800 in product sales. Thank you for your coaching and support!

Hebba –  Ottawa

#2. Recognize what you’re selling and whom you’re selling it to

Seriously, would you sell sex to a priest? If you would, then this article is probably not for you. One of the major mistakes people make is they think everyone will buy the Kool-Aid (meaning whatever you are selling) just because you are. If that’s what you’re doing then that’s probably why you are often rejected. Research your client, mate, subject etc., enough so that you are able to understand their need. Then, explain to them what you are offering in a way in which they’ll see the value it and you can bring them. That’s why gaining rapport is so important!

#3. Use the power of your voice to make others feel that they can trust you

Have you ever picked up the phone, and the person at the other end had a voice where in your head you thought “its an immigrant”, and already you start shutting off because you automatically assume its going to be a bad call for no other reason than your brain started making a judgement call simply from the tone of voice? Well, some major companies began training centers to teach people how to speak better English. Here’s a great new study regarding the power of voice, which you can also actually test yourself with in order to see how you would best vote when you hear someone. Use the power of your voice to project a sense of confidence and trustworthiness so that people will want to “buy” whatever it is you are selling.

#4. Gain Rapport

No matter what you do or what you ‘Sell’, if you don’t get this right from the start then you’re not going to second base – meaning the person, organization, or group will not allow you to go any further.

You need to gain rapport in order to establish a relationship and trust so that the one’s ‘buying’ feel confident, secure, and are able to build a trust strong enough to let you.

#5. Recognize what the person is ‘buying’, then match it

If it’s a relationship, it may be one or many of your qualities, values, looks, the way they feel around you, your voice or your strengths. In business, it maybe your expertise, your strengths, your contacts, your network, your experience, the resources you have acquired over time or etc. Find out what they want and then voice it out. Show them or simply let them know. View it as you are informing them in a way in which it helps them make a decision about a need or a preference they are seeking.

#6. Nurture your self-image. Not your negative ego

They say first impressions are very important and research backs this. When I hear people talk to me about attracting the one they love or getting the job they want and say ‘they should love me just the way I am’ I usually start laughing out loud. Now I did say nurture your image and not your ego – because that position is exactly coming from ego. The reason it does so is that it comes from a position of entitlement or of low self-expectation and self-worth. You don’t have to be a model to take care of yourself and you don’t have to dress fancy to try to impress everyone. It’s about self-respect and respecting others. ‘The Grouch’ from Sesame Street is a funny character that lives in a garbage can and that’s always grouchy but I seriously doubt he could get a full time job or a date for that matter outside of Sesame Street. Looks are important and the brain judges, as well as makes choices, and decisions no matter what you would like to believe. Style has changed over the years, but in many cultures image is everything. If you want to know how corporations are spending billions of dollars to persuade and sell you on this concept click on this link for 3 short documentaries on the subject. I guarantee you’ll be shocked. To find out more on how you can sell yourself or influence, as well as persuade others, make certain to check out this online course NLP Influence & Persuasion IN MIND” THE UNCUT VERSION.

#7. Use power poses

Use the power of non-verbal communication to project magnetism and trustworthiness.