Technique of the Month – February 2015 – 7 Shades Of Intimacy –

The technique this month is on “Recognizing And Working With 7 Shades Of Intimacy”. As we get closer to Valentine’s day and Family Day its important to remember to develop a more intimate relationship with not only those we love but with reality itself. A month of magic, a month for love, intimacy is what creates the chemistry between you and the reality you co-create.

Take advantage of this month’s energy by understanding how you can consciously develop a more profound intimate relationship with yourself, others and reality itself.

With love and peace,


The Shades

#1. Love: The number one component on my list is of course love. It’s the big L word, the “numero uno”. It’s like the chemical reaction of the sun constantly regenerating itself with two simple elements, giving and receiving of each other simultaneously. It is the fusion reaction of not only giving or receiving, but the simultaneous reaction of it.

#2. Vulnerability: By definition it means, “to be capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt”[1]. Wounding is caused by pain and impact. The reason this is important, is that it allows you to know that you have impact on someone and that others have impact on you. This is the first step in personal mastery and allows you to be able to start building self-awareness.

#3.Trust: This is about your ability to cope with these components on your self and others. To rely on the fact that you can allow yourself to be close to someone you love. To trust that you can love and be loved, care and be cared for. To be trusting is to be confident in someone else. If you are confident enough, you can allow yourself to be vulnerable with yourself and others. To trust that you can allow yourself to be vulnerable in being warm toward someone you love, or are tender with yourself or someone else. To have the belief, the ability, and the confidence that you can have an intimacy with your reality, with someone you love and God/Goddess/All that is.

#4. Warmth: I have spoken about warmth on many occasions because it is a sense that you have (the 10th sense). Warmth is crucial in children and adult development. If you’re not sure, try being cold to the one you love and see how long it will last. Most people mix warmth with sex, which does have warmth in it, but is not the only source of it. Build your sense of warmth by increasing your brains elasticity by developing more behaviors like kindness, hospitality, affection, enthusiasm, and affection.

#5. Caring: This can be seen, heard, or felt by the act of being close, tender, trusting, loving, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to work with all the other components.

#6. Closeness: This is allowing yourself to be touched. Not just physically but emotionally, and spiritually. To be touched by what you are conceiving/perceiving. To allow yourself to “let someone in” and to be close enough to let yourself be vulnerable and tender with yourself and/or someone else. To allow yourself to trust enough so that you have someone get close to you, and for you to get close to someone you love and care for.

#7. Tenderness: Tenderness comes from tender, a noun that means “a person who tends; a person who attends to or takes charge of someone or something”[2].

Now you can be tender with yourself by being compassionate instead of hard. As men we are taught (old school) that you have to be tough and not show any weakness. To build a relationship you have to be tender. In order to build confidence, you need to have compassion towards yourself and thus need warmth, the main ingredient of compassion.

If you want more techniques and tools on discovering how to enhance your brains ability to create, recognize and work with intimacy in the various types of relationship in your life or to have more intimacy in your creation of reality you may want to look at purchasing my book or DVD on the 7 Lost Senses™ or my 6 hour HD training on the same subject

[1] Definition of trust:
[2] Definition of tender:
Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.
– Rollo May –